Saturday, 22 April 2017

"Stockholm Bastad" S01E01, Peter Magnusson (2011)

Gotta hand it to the Swedish, they certainly know good photography. Check out the nice, clean lighting as the camera lingers over Peter Magnusson's body... it's a shame that dreamy-eyed Henrik Norlén (whose character is being very flirty in this scene, if you ask me) didn't strip off to join him. Although Peter being all bashful in front of him is very hot, too. 

Thanks again to Restituda1 for this clip!

Getting quite an eyeful...

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  1. Really a perfect scene, especially for an embarrassment nudity lover like myself. Well lit, both nice rear and full frontal, handsome well-built actor and then the whole thing with the clothed guy's eyes obviously focused on Peter's package and Peter realizing it and not knowing what to do. Just perfect.