Friday, 27 January 2017

Web Quickie: Dutch reporter showers with soccer team

Filemon Wesselink is a young sports reporter for a Dutch network called BNN. For one segment he strips completely nude to take a group shower with a local soccer team. Filemon may not have an athlete's body but he's totally adorable. The fact that his assignment was to shower naked on national television is pretty damn hot!

( it just me, or was the lanky fellow on the left sporting a bit of a semi...)

BNN Reporter - Filemon Wesselink.mp4 | 7.4 mb

Web Quickies are the oddities and rarities found on the web (that don't easily fall under movie/TV/documentary) featuring naked men in the shower. If you've found a video, slip me an email at


  1. Wow. Really nice clip. just love it. Is it possible to get it in better resolution??

    I remember a clip of a short and very slim reporter, I Think he is french, taking a shower together with a basketballteam, a really nice team. Do you got that clip aswell???

    1. Every clip I post is in the highest resolution I can find.