Saturday, 25 March 2017

🌟 SHOWER ALL-STARS 🌟 : "Running Brave", Robby Benson, Jeff McCracken (1983)

I hesitated to label this as one of my All-Star scenes since it's yet to be released in better quality... but damn, that doesn't change how hot it still is. Subsequent home released have either edited around this scene or cut it out completely, so the original/sacred VHS rip is all we have.

Pre-Beauty and the Beast Robby Benson is the main character while Jeff McCracken is the rough-houser giving him a tough time. Some very uninhibited and very naked extras round things out. Still quite unbelievable that a PG-rated movie (by Disney of all studios) got away with this!

Running Brave - Robby Benson, Jeff McCracken (1983).mp4 | 15.4 mb

🌟 Shower All-Stars 🌟  is an esteemed category that collects the best male shower scenes in all existence. Criteria considered: length of scene, clear lighting, male-to-male body contact, amount of skin exposure, and overall quality of nudity.

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Throwback Thursday: British Troops Showering in 1944

I love vintage clips of soldiers, miners, etc. like this. Especially when they're scrubbing each other's backs. Email me if you have any more!

Monday, 20 March 2017

"Fear No Evil", Stefan Arngrim, Daniel Eden, et al (1981)

Kudos to reader Steve for reminding me of this 80s horror throwback! Weirdo supernatural slasher Fear No Evil doubled down on the macho homoeroticism of group showers by having alpha jock Daniel Eden feel compelled to kiss twinky outcast Stefan Arngrim on the lips. In the showers. As a group of jocks encouraged them.

I guess bullying was different in the 80s! (Those haircuts certainly were...)