Monday, 24 April 2017

🌟 SHOWER ALL-STARS 🌟 : "The Big Swap", Mark Caven, Anthony Edridge, Kevin Howarth, Richard Cherry (1998)

I've just finished my exams - which means it's time to celebrate with two serious contenders for the absolute greatest shower scenes of all time. I'm still as entranced with this delicious visual feast of naked British skin now than I was when I first laid eyes on it years and years ago.

What I most appreciate is that this movie offers two group shower scenes and the actors are not at all shy in either of them. Thanks as always to Restituda1 for the clips!

L-R: Caven, Cherry, Howarth, Edridge


The Big Swap - Group Shower pt. 2 (1998).mp4 |  5.7 mb

🌟 Shower All-Stars 🌟  is an esteemed category that collects the best male shower scenes in all existence. Criteria considered: length of scene, clear lighting, male-to-male body contact, amount of skin exposure, and overall quality of nudity.

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