Tuesday, 10 October 2017

"Une Minute de Silence" Bruno Putzulu, Benoit Magimel, et al (1998)

Another coal miner shower scene, this one a little more generous than yesterday's. The two lead actors (Benoit is the one with the goofy sideburns) don't reveal much but we see quite a bit from the background extras. And I'm not sure who the really tall fellow on the right is but he's got a nice dick!

And I love any shower scene that ends with the men scrubbing each other...


  1. On Dutch tv there is a new serie about a spa, with even sometimes nude male extra's. (09:13) http://www.net5.nl/programmas/de-spa/videos/0VPJgNHev2u/de-spa/

    1. I'd cap it, but the site doesn't seem to work with my VPN. :/