Sunday, 5 February 2017

🌟 SHOWER ALL-STARS 🌟 : "Forbrydelsen II" S02E05, Carsten Bjornlund, Jakob B. Engmann (2009)

Carsten Bjornlund, with his frosty Scandinavian good looks, has long been a crush of mine. This scene from the original Danish version of The Killing is his best nudity, and even better, he shares it with actor Jakob B. Engmann and a few other naked extras. Something about the combination of Carsten's gloriously lit body, his lack of shame, and Jakob's bashfulness makes this scene incredibly hot.

(Carsten's flaccid but thick cock may have something to do with it, too...)

🌟 Shower All-Stars 🌟  is an esteemed category that collects the best male shower scenes in all existence. Criteria considered: length of scene, clear lighting, male-to-male body contact, amount of skin exposure, and overall quality of nudity.

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