Wednesday, 21 December 2016

"Footloose", Kevin Bacon, John Laughlin (1984)

The original Footloose is never really brought up when shower scenes are discussed, but it's got a pretty bold one for a family-friendly film! Kevin Bacon is no stranger to taking it off on camera but the real highlight is his jock shower pal John Laughlin. Mmm-mmm. Some nice butts from background extras too.


  1. Definitely the highlight of that film for me. I am dating myself here, but this must be from the DVD. If memory serves (and trust me it does) the original scene in the theater and on VHS featured some daring pubeage from Jon when he was turning around and drying himself off. Definitely something you would not see from a PG rated film today. Thanks for posting.

  2. Which way is your left ? LOL so funny , never could forget the village idiot