Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

"Age of Adaline", Michiel Huisman (2015)

I don't usually feature non-nude scenes on this blog but I have to make an exception for Michiel Huisman. The man is just perfection from head to toe and this scene of him emerging from a shower clad in only a towel - with the camera greedily lingering all over him - is jaw dropping. He certainly hasn't been shy in previous roles... hopefully he'll drop trou on screen again soon.

🌟 Shower All-Stars 🌟 : "City Without Baseball" (2008)

Waited until I got the Bluray to cap this, and boy am I glad I did. No surprises here that this buffet of nudity comes from filmmaker Scud who also did one of my all-time faves Amphetamine.

(P.S. I do love the juxtaposition of the "This is [the actors'] first screen appearance" against a scene of completely gratuitous nudity.)

🌟 Shower All-Stars🌟  is an esteemed category that collects the best male shower scenes in all existence. Criteria considered: length of scene, clear lighting, male-to-male body contact, amount of skin exposure, and overall quality of nudity.

"Looking" S02E03, Murray Bartlett, Matthew Risch, et al (2015)

This series was seriously lacking in scenes like this. Makes me long for the days of much trashier gay TV shows like Dante's Cove. The men providing frontals are extras.

"Save Your Legs!", Damon Gameau, Brendan Cowell (2012)

Australian movies are nearly as shy as Americans when it comes to male nudity, so every little bit is appreciated. Damon Gameau shows his cute butt and a brief frontal while Brendan's the one showering with his trunks on (boo).