Saturday, 30 September 2017

"Lyckliga Skitar", Janne Carlsson, Lasse Werner, Gösta Wälivaar, Tomas Bolme, Bernt Lundquist (1970)

Want seven and a half minutes of male nudity and goofy 70s facial hair? The men of Lyckliga Skitar enjoy soapy massages, swimming, showers, a sauna, reading the newspaper, singing - all while stark naked (though there's some brief CMNM too). Capping this was exhausting! There's something for everyone.


The 70s were truly a different time.

"Nokas", Frode Winther (2010)

Intense movie but I like that it starts off with a shower scene - and a closeup of Frode Winther's nice frode...

"Kisnevij Golod" Group shower (1991)

Another obscure movie that could do with a picture restoration - though I think the muddiness of the picture quality adds to the appeal in a strange way!

"My Winnipeg" (2007)

Guy Maddin does it again! I was surprised but pleased to learn this stylized pseudo-documentary is part of the Criterion Collection. Like his last work I capped, Cowards Bend the Knee, Maddin is thoughtful enough to throw in some naked dudes showering.

"Les Bidasses Au Pensionnat" Group shower (1978)

There's something queer about these old international sex comedies. Although they're invariably aimed at straight men, I've come across quite a few that randomly feature scenes of naked men horsing around in the showers together.

Interestingly in this movie there's some playful (and very vigorous) soaping up between the male actors, too. And there's a shower scene with a group of girls that has no touching at all! Hmmmm.