Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Want full access to the showers?

(3/7/18 Update: 27.2 GB of videos so far!) 

I've been collecting shower videos for over 10 years. Now I'm offering access to my fully downloadable video folders of shower scenes and candid locker room footage - including exclusive clips you wont see on the blog - for a one-time payment of $39.99 USD. 

New clips are added all the time!

Just a small sample of the videos ready for you to download!
Submit your payment via Paypal below:

After your payment is received you'll be emailed links to my private Mediafire folders, where you'll have download access to all videos. Questions? Email me at


  1. You don't mind a female fan of the blog, do you? Because I love your blog and want to tell you to keep up the good work. I guess I just kind of like objectifying men, lol. I also think nudity and the body, of either gender, showering or otherwise, is such an everyday part of reality, but *that's* what society gets uptight and likes to censor? So silly.

    If I would make one suggestion, it would be to give a little more context to the films/shows, and specific scenes i.e. What is this movie about? How does this scene fit into it? A picture of the actors faces, and fully clothed can also make the shower scene all the hotter. I probably shouldn't even nitpick like that though, because you already do those things to some extent, and the blog is great as it is.

    Are you missing that Woody Harrelson movie, where he's a boxer? Was it with Antonio Banderas?


  2. Love your blog!! Two questions. What movie/show is the scene in the banner from? And the top middle picture at the top of this post? Hope you can help. Thanks.

  3. Trying to find the shower scene from Farligt venskab (1995) it use to be on you tube